Clearwire to Offer WIMAX Service in Syracuse

According to The Syracuse Post-Standard, Clearwire, in partnership with Sprint and Time Warner Cable, will begin offering 4G (WIMAX) mobile broadband service in Syracuse later this summer. Judging from Clearwire's website,, the service is expected to provide 1.5Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload speeds starting at around $30/mo.

The new service should provide considerably faster mobile broadband access than what is currently available in Syracuse. However, the price may seem rather high, especially as an additional cost to those who already pay $40/mo. or more for high-speed cable broadband service.

Our plans for a community owned broadband network include city-wide mobile broadband access. But the wireless access would be included in the fiber broadband service at no extra cost. It would also provide faster 5Mbps+ typical speeds. This is possible because wireless networks are not that expensive to build, especially as an add-on to an owned FTTH network.

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