Wireless Carriers: Ten Things I Hate About You

"The consumer electronics scene in the U.S. is wonderful and horrible at the same time. The devices, technologies and innovation are wonderful. The provision of wireless access is horrible. U.S. carriers are some of the most backward, unscrupulous and anti-customer companies in the nation. So, carriers, this column's for you. Here's what I hate about how you do business."

An excellent list of reasons that captures exactly why I continue to resist the use of cell phones. Read the full article at Computer World

After reading the article, I think one can see that private providers offer such poor service and such high prices (i.e., the competitive environment is so weak) that a public broadband utility—whose mission is to maximize service and minimize prices—could easily provide so much more for so much less to residents. Adding cellular phone service to an existing FTTH and wireless network would be relatively inexpensive and would provide big dividends to residents. SMBI is actively exploring the inclusion of cell phone service as a municipal service.