Clearwire Partners With Presumed Competition

Clearwire is teaming up with Comcast and Time Warner Cable and others---who purchased 25% of Clearwire---to offer Wimax wireless Internet access as a supplemental service to their cable customers. Clearwire advertises 4Mbs service at $30/mo. Customers may access their account from any city served by Clearwire. Read the full article here

That got me thinking...Clearwire managed to purchase most of the WIMAX spectrum licenses across the country. How did it win all of those auctions without paying through the roof? What are the odds of that? Weren't the big cable and telecom companies interested? If not, why not? Well, maybe several big companies had/have a hidden stake in Clearwire, and Clearwire was created as a front company to purchase the licenses with little or no competition so the big companies could then gain and share control of the spectrum at minimal cost. In other words, they colluded to scam the government at auction. Highly illegal. Just a thought.