The Broadband Playing Field Is Not Static

I'm quite concerned about the future broadband playing field. To me, it's no longer a question of, "stay as we are, or go muni"; it is more like, "incur increasing nickel&diming, manipulation of service quality, restriction of use, and less privacy, or go muni". The situation is not static. This I think should be communicated more.

For example, the future of Internet television (IPTV) is very bright in many ways; one may soon be able to watch an unlimited number of channels from around the world. But a private broadband (i.e., cable) service provider may restrict you to the channels it wishes to charge you for. Moreover, the technology of IPTV allows for the service provider to track who watches what, at what time, and other personal information, data it then sells to marketers who will use it to manipulate viewers' desires for goods and services. Such invasion of privacy should be illegal, but it apparently isn't. A municipal service can simply refuse to deal in such commerce.