New Website in development

Welcome to the new website of the Syracuse Municipal Broadband Initiative.There is still a lot to do on the technical side. And there isn't much content, yet, but it will grow over time. We are writing and gathering documents and resource links in order to provide visitors a complete resource of information on municipal broadband in general, and on the Syracuse initiative in particular.

Municipal ownership of the local cable system will provide community control over prices, services, and infrastructure development. The large profits private cable operators generate can be used to lower prices, increase access, properly fund public access, educational, and government (PEG) channels, public access studio, and much, much more.

Public control of our telecommunications systems to assure universal access and diversity of programming and news reporting is a fundamental requirement for a true democracy. This is an extremely important issue, and we hope you will agree. We will soon have an online petition in support of establishing a Syracuse municipal broadband utility. We encourage you to register for a free account and select the option to receive announcements by mail. This way we'll let you know when the petition is ready, and we'll alert you to future events and important information.