The Syracuse Community Broadband Initiative seeks to educate the community and city government on the benefits of community-owned broadband, and to bring together technical and business expertise to build a community-owned broadband utility...more

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We recommend that new visitors review the project page, then browse the resources page to learn more. We then urge you to sign our petition and stay updated on the initiative by visiting the news page.

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Public Broadband Offers Something for Everyone

Must read: Breaking the Broadband Monopoly.
An excellent and comprehensive overview of the technical, economic, social, and political aspects of building a community owned broadband network, from NewRules.org (50+ pages).
Must read: Publicly Owned Broadband Networks: Averting the Looming Broadband Monopoly.
A map and report on 54 fiber, and 79 cable, community-owned broadband networks in the U.S. (March 2011).

Latest News

Project Changes Name - July 1, 2011

Syracuse Community Broadband Initiative is the new name of the project. This was done...

Clearwire Launches 4G Service in Rochester & Syracuse - July 1, 2010

Clearwire today announced the launch of its 4G mobile broadband service for businesses and...

Clearwire to Offer WIMAX Service in Syracuse - May 6, 2010

According to The Syracuse Post-Standard, Clearwire, in partnership with Sprint and Time Warner...

Verizon FiOS Says No To Syracuse - April 6, 2010

Today, the Syracuse Post-Standard reported that...

Syracuse Gets Road Runner Speed Boost. Rochester? Not - March 27, 2010

Syracuse is the latest Time Warner Cable city getting the benefits of increased speed from Time...

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